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Title: Think the Earth Project
Founded: 19 February 2001
Address: 3-1-202 Sarugaku-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0033 JAPAN
                   Tel +81-(0)3-3464-5221   Fax +81-(0)3-5459-2194

Producers:   Soichi Ueda, Kentaro Konishi
Coordinator:   Mariko Harada
Secretary:   Tomomi Hasebe
Public Relation:  Miwako Sasao
Promotion staff:
  Miho Kazama,Naoko Soga, Aiko Nakajima
  Seo Taniguchi, Miyuki Toritani,Tomoyuki Yamaguchi
Promotion staff(part-time):
  Asako Hirata, Asaka Barsley, Tami Okano
  Chizuko Sami, Akiko Ichihara
Shanghai Office:  Mayumi Ikai

Promotion company:   SPACEPORT Inc.

  Seiichi Mizuno     
Directors (in Japanese alphabetical order):
  Toshiharu Aoki, Kenji Shiratsuchi, Kazuhumi Nagai
  Susumu Furukawa, Mitsuhiro Miyazaki

Director Emeritus:
  Luciano Benetton  

Founding members:
Those who joined us as individual founding members when the Think the Earth Project was established.
Activities in brief
{What we do
{Our story
Our activities in brief
At the Think the Earth Project, we engage in four major types of activity that involve networking with companies, NPOs/NGOs, and private individuals:

Project making: developing products and services with new ideas
Providing learning opportunities for companies and NPOs
Providing news and information on Earth-related topics
Supporting work to build a better future for the world's children

These are based on three types of "relations":
+ Business relations: Building mechanisms for contributing to society
   through business 

+ Social relations: To leave the Earth a beautiful place for our children,
   who carry our hopes for the next generation 

+ Public relations: Creating opportunities to think about the Earth 

For more information see "What we do"

Our story
As the world entered the 21st century, interest began to grow in the issue of CSR (corporate social responsibility), a step further than the sort of corporate environmental initiatives and social contributions that had previously been the norm. Moreover with the passing of NPO legislation in Japan, it was anticipated that NPOs would play an increasingly vital supporting role in society, and people began to speak of a need for more professional management of such groups, in terms of funding and running their organizations. With this arose the need for intermediary NPOs linking organizations and organizations, people and people with the same aspirations. Meanwhile, people with an interest in various social issues as individuals, but somehow unable to relate these to their own lives, were seeking opportunities to do so. At the same time, the rapid spread of the Internet led to a definite increase in the number of people using the Net as a new media option and information source. In light of such developments, as a new venture we decided to launch an intermediary NPO aimed at achieving a coexistence of ecology and economy, that would connect companies, NPOs, and individual consumers, and forge new values for a new era.

The Think the Earth Project pursues its work and goal to create values for a new society by employing a new network of companies, NPOs/NGOs and private individuals with a common interest in the Earth, sharing knowledge and expertise, and working in partnership.

For more information see "Partners"