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The Think the Earth Project pursues its work and goal to create values for a new society by employing a new network of companies, NPOs/NGOs and private individuals with a common interest in the Earth, sharing knowledge and expertise, and working in partnership.
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Collaborating partners  Helping in our activities


logo_NTT DATANTT DATA Corporation

logo_sarayaSARAYA Co., LTD.

logo_noritzNoritz Corporation


2013 ; NTT DATA CORPORATION; Saraya Co.,Ltd.; Sony Corporation; Noritz Corporation; HORIBA, Ltd.;

2012 ; NTT DATA CORPORATION; Saraya Co.,Ltd.; Sony Corporation; HORIBA, Ltd.; Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.

2011 ; NTT DATA CORPORATION; KDDI CORPORATION; Saraya Co.,Ltd.; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Sony Corporation; HORIBA, Ltd.; Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.

2010 ; NTT DATA CORPORATION; Kawaijuku Educational Institution; KDDI CORPORATION; Saraya Co.,Ltd.; SHARP CORPORATION; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Sony Corporation; DIAMOND Inc.; HORIBA, Ltd.; Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.; UNIQLO CO., LTD.

NTT DATA CORPORATION; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.; Saraya Co.,Ltd.; SHARP CORPORATION; SKY Perfect Broadcasting Corporation.; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Sony Corporation; HORIBA, Ltd.; Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd.; UNIQLO CO., LTD.

Otsuka Chilled Foods Co., Ltd.; OLYMPUS CORPORATION; eTEN INC.; NTT DATA CORPORATION; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.; KDDI CORPORATION; SHARP CORPORATION; Seiko Instruments Inc.; B.M.C. Ltd.; FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation; Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.; HORIBA, Ltd.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.

eTEN INC.;NTT DATA CORPORATION; Olympus Imaging Corp.; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Seiko Instruments Inc.;HORIBA, Ltd.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.

OLYMPUS CORPORATION; Seiko Instruments Inc. ; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (communications, business strategy and marketing departments); Akimura Co., Ltd.; eTEN INC.; NTT DATA CORPORATION; HORIBA, Ltd.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.

NTT DATA Corporation; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.; eTEN Inc.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.; Akimura Co., Ltd.; Olympus Imaging Corp.; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.; INAX Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.; Akimura Co., Ltd.; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (communications, business strategy and marketing departments)

NTT DATA Corporation; Akimura Co., Ltd; Grace Co., Ltd.; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Ricoh Co., Ltd.; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (communications, business strategy and marketing departments)

NTT DATA Corporation; Seiko Instruments Inc.; Akimura Co., Ltd.; CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (communications, business strategy and marketing departments)

NTT DATA Corporation
Project partners  Working with us on projects

Project 001
Seiko Instruments Inc.
SII (Seiko Instruments Inc.) was the first company to show its support of Think the Earth and become a product partner. The result was Project 001 Watch , a product of superlative SII watch manufacturing technology and the dedication of those on the frontline of production. As well as acting as a project partner, SII now also collaborates with and endorses the Think the Earth Project.

Project 004
Toyobo. Co., Ltd
Through partnership with Toyobo, developer of the unique "eco-shoot" soccer ball-world globe that has seams but no borders, we conducted Project 004, the Peace Ball Campaign , pooling our resources to get a large number of people involved in even a minor way in international exchange through this soccer ball.

Project 005
(In Japanese)
Diamond Inc., well known for business publications such as "Weekly Diamond" and the works of Peter Drucker, has also published many books on environmental issues. Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto and Diamond came up with the concept for this project, and offered Think the Earth an opportunity to participate in "Global Change in One Second" from the planning stage . As a project to mark the 90th anniversary of Diamond's foundation, to support environmental education in schools Diamond has become the main force in gathering 15 sponsors, enabling the donation of the book "Global Change in One Second" to 40,000 elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide. As a sequel to "Global Change in One Second," Diamond has now also published Project 009, the book "Using Your Wallet to Change the World", which has also been supplied to 40,000 schools across the country.

Project 006
Levi Strauss Japan K.K.
(In Japanese)
Since its foundation, Levi Strauss & Co. has been actively involved in social contributions such as donations to care facilities and AIDS prevention program assistance. In 1952, LS&CO. established the Levi Strauss Foundation. Through the Levi Strauss Advisory Fund, LS&CO. also carries out promotional activities around the world including Japan. In 2003, Levis Strauss Japan K.K. proposed a mechanism enabling people to help address environmental issues by making contributions through the company's stores. This concept appealed to Think the Earth, which subsequently rolled out Project 005, the Denim Recycling Campaign , and assisted with planning the merchandizing of stationery created using recycled paper made from denim materials, as well as with selecting destinations for the funds raised.

Project 007
SIGG Switzerland AG

Star Corporation, Izumiya Co., Ltd. (sole agents in Japan)
(In Japanese)
Project 007 The Water Planet Campaign has its origins in an encounter with Swiss water bottle manufacturer SIGG. A venerable name in aluminum goods that first appeared in 1908, SIGG came to global attention for products such as the water tanks attached to the saddles of camels, so-called "ships of the desert," and the bottles used on numerous expeditions. SIGG products are highly rated all over the world for their superb functionality and quality.
Star Corporation is a trading company and manufacturer specializing in outdoor equipment that has also been the SIGG agent in Japan for 25 years. Urging us to carry our own drink containers, Star calls on consumers to rethink their casual purchase of PET bottles.
The "SIGG sportsbottles uni 0.5 alu," basis for the first original Think the Earth bottle, is the model in the MoMA design collection.

Project 007
(In Japanese)
Izumiya is a pioneer of the mineral water industry that was selling mineral water in Japan long before buying water became common practice. Spring water from Mt. Haruna in Gunma Prefecture, a renowned firefly habitat, was christened "Sewickley" from a Native American word meaning "sweet water." Izumiya supplied Sewickley with its slight hint of sweetness, plus the company's chic water servers used in cafes and stores around Japan, for events run as part of Project 007 The Water Planet Campaign.

Project 008
Victor Entertainment Inc.

Project 010
TOPPAN Kizukina* is a brand new project launched by Toppan Printing that supports communication between companies and consumers by providing planning and production services for environmental reports, websites, and the manufacture of packaging and related items. Think the Earth collaborated with the TOPPAN Kizukina initiative on Project 010 ECOYOMI. Techniques developed by Toppan have also been used in the binding for ECOYOMI.
*"Kizukina" is a word coined to mean "something that fosters awareness". The aim is to achieve communication that builds a relationship of awareness between companies and consumers.

Project 011
KDDI Corporation
Project 011 "live earth" is a mobile phone application that offers users a feel for what the Earth is doing at any given moment. As the first company to take part in the project, KDDI supplied the application (au version), and collaborated on the Think the Earth Project. "live earth" is also the fulfillment of a Think the Earth Project dream to use the mobile phones people carry every day to make them feel and think about the Earth. Together with KDDI we hope to keep studying and developing social and environmental initiatives to build the future of the Earth through KDDI communication services. Click here for information on KDDI environmental programs. (In Japanese)

Associate Partners  These companies donate a proportion of their proceeds from products and services to the Think the Earth Project.
Since 2002

Sound Bum Project
(In Japanese)
Sound Bum, launched in 1999, is a project involving travel to different places to listen to sounds, and to date has toured all over the world in pursuit of sound experiences, from regions of awesome natural splendor to busy urban areas, in places such as the Fiji islands, Alaska, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan and Russia. The several dozen participants are experiencing a new style of travel through the intermediary of sound. Now, a percentage of earnings from sale of the CD Sound Bum: Traveling with Sound, featuring field recordings from all over the world, is to be donated to Think the Earth projects.

Since 2004

logo_Naturum Corporation Naturum Corporation
(In Japanese)
Having started with an e-commerce service selling mainly outdoor products and fishing gear, Naturum now operates in three areas: nature, the environment, and health. First becoming involved with Think the Earth by selling the wn-1 Earth watch via their online store, Naturum now donates a percentage of proceeds from its flower service launched in April 2004 to the Think the Earth Project. The flower service can be accessed from the site below (delivery limited to Japan).
Naturum (In Japanese)
Earth Mart (In Japanese)


Perrier Sparkling Square at FRAMES
>>>Perrier Sparkling Square at FRAMES (In Japanese)




KIO Corporation

Support Companies and Organizations  Providing human resource and technical support
(In Japanese)
A company involved in producing major events, including the 2002 World Cup soccer, SCALE has been part of the core planning group since the Project's early stages in 1997. Even since founding of Think the Earth production company Spaceport Inc., SCALE has continued to provide tremendous project management support.

The art direction for the Think the Earth Project from the initial planning stages has been provided by AXIS, who stayed with the Project through all its many twists and turns. The AXIS Building in the Roppongi area of Tokyo is well known to many. Publishers of the design magazine AXIS based on the concept of "life with design," AXIS designers are at the forefront of website design in Japan.

GK Tech Inc.
GK Tech developed the Java Applet for the rotating Earth on the top page of this site, the program for which -- like the Bond cars -- involves a variety of complex mechanisms. In time, we expect to introduce projects that reflect the full capacity of this program.

Neuromagic Co., Ltd.
(In Japanese)
The powerful group of system engineers known as Neuromagic undertook to develop the online shop system for selling the Project 001 Watch. They have recently developed a brand with AXIS called n|a, in the process forming a powerful team that promotes web-based projects from both the design and systems aspects.

fons inc. (2001-2003)
(In Japanese)
fons inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP), has developed an online donation system, "" to contribute to society through business activities. We worked with fons to promote an online donation system that we believe will help encourage donations in Japan.

NPO/NGO partners

NPO/NGO partners
The Think the Earth Project makes donations to programs aimed at building a better future for the world's children. As part of this, TTE works in conjunction with a number of NPO/NGO partners.

ECARE International Japan
EJapan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children"
ESave the Children Japan
ESHAPLA NEER = Citizens' Committee in Japan for Overseas Support

Think the Earth posts appeals for emergency aid and works in conjunction with the following organizations.

Japan Platform

Peace Winds Japan

Advisory board (in Japanese alphabetical order)
Manabu Akaike (Director, Universal Design Intelligence)
Tsutomu Iijima (Co-Works rep: conceptor, Association of Environmental Planners)
Maki Saito (Social contribution consultant)
Yoichi Nakamura (Professor, Rikkyo Graduate School of Social Design Studies)
Tadashi Hayami ("Asu no Hane" fund manager, Asahi Life Asset Management)
Peter D. Pedersen (President and CEO, E-Square)