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Think the Earth Fund: report on the collection and disbursement of funds

Phase 1 (16-31 March)

Funds collected

During the period of 16-31 March, the Fund received 749 donations totaling JPY18,658,002. We also received a great many warm and encouraging messages. Thank you all for your understanding and support!


From the Phase 1 donations, JPY2,500,000 was distributed to each of the following seven organizations active in providing mostly medical support, supplies for living, and shelter:

ADRA Japan
AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia)
JEN (Japan Emergency NGOs)
Civic Force
AAR (Association for Aid and Relief, Japan)
NICCO (Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development)
Peace Winds Japan

The remaining JPY1,158,002 will carried forward to Phase 2.

For Phase 2 (1-15 April) we plan (as of 1 April) to divide donations among the following organizations working with volunteers to provide frontline assistance. We ask for your ongoing support.

SHARE (Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions)
Shanti Volunteer Association(SVA)
Peace Boat
RQ Citizens Disaster Relief Network Japan(RQ-CNJ)
World Vision Japan