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Think the Earth Fund: report on the collection and disbursement of funds

Phase 2 (1-15 April)

Funds collected

During the period of 1-15 April, the Fund received 604 donations totalling JPY22,597,872 (including the rollover from phase 1). Since its initiation, the fund has received 1353 donations totalling JPY40,097,872. A great many of those have come from overseas. Thank you all!


From the Phase 2 donations, JPY2,500,000 was disbursed to each of the following seven organizations providing primarily supplies and infrastructural support, working with volunteers to provide frontline assistance, or offering psychological services:

SHARE (Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions)
Shanti Volunteer Association(SVA)
Peace Boat
RQ Citizens Disaster Relief Network Japan(RQ-CNJ)
World Vision Japan
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
SHAPLA NEER, a "Citizens' Committee in Japan for Overseas Support"

An additional JPY1,500,000 was disbursed to each of the following two Phase 1 recipient organizations providing medical support:

AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia)
NICCO (Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development)

The remaining JPY2,097,872 will carried forward to Phase 3.

For Phase 3 (16 April - 10 May) we plan (as of 18 April) to continue to divide donations among the following organizations providing medical services, supplies and food, support for children, and working with volunteers to provide frontline assistance, etc. We ask for your ongoing support.

CARE International Japan
MEDECINS DU MONDE JAPON (Doctors of the World Japan)
NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)
Second Harvest Japan
Children without Borders