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Think the Earth Fund: report on the collection and disbursement of funds

Phase 3 (16 April - 10 May)

Funds collected

During the period of 16 April - 10 May, the Fund received 259 donations totalling JPY15,568,190 (including the rollover from phase 2). Since its initiation, the fund has received 1612 donations totalling JPY53,568,190. A great many of those have come from overseas. Thank you all!


From the Phase 3 donations, JPY1,500,000 was disbursed to each of the following seven organizations providing medical services, supplies and food, support for children, and working with volunteers to provide frontline assistance:

CARE International Japan
MEDECINS DU MONDE JAPON (Doctors of the World Japan)
NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)
Second Harvest Japan
Children without Borders
Rescue Stock Yard
Society for Support of Environment & Animals

The remaining JPY5,068,190 will carried forward to Phase 4.

For Phase 4 (11 - 31 May) we plan to continue to divide donations among organizations working with volunteers and engaging in community-based recovery efforts. We ask for your ongoing support.