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Think the Earth Fund: report on the collection and disbursement of funds

Phase 6 (1 - 31 July)

Funds collected

During the period of 1 - 31 July, the Fund received 93 donations totalling JPY11,684,630 (including the rollover from phase 5). Since its initiation, the fund has received 1959 donations totalling JPY72,184,630.
Collecting over 70 million JPY in donations is something we never imagined when we launched the fund. We thank the many people who have contributed for their understanding and support.


From the Phase 6 donations, 1 million yen will be disbursed to each of the following three organizations working to restore rice paddies and the ecosystem, or engaged in support activities involving provision of volunteer centers, evacuation centers, and temporary housing:

Utsukushima NPO Network
International Volunteer Center of Yamagata
(Specified nonprofit organization) Tambo

Another JPY500,000 will be disbursed to each of the following five organizations working to provide frontline assistance.

(Specified nonprofit organization) TsukuruMura
(Specified nonprofit organization) Tambo
Support center for people in disabilities in disastered area Fukushima
Disaster Volunteer Center of Fukushima University
Volunteer Info

The remaining JPY6,184,630 will carried forward to Phase 7.

Five months have now passed since the disaster struck, and both the projects initiated by local residents themselves and the work of NPOs active in the region since before the earthquake, are picking up pace. Keeping an eye on these activities as well, for Phase 7 (1 August - 30 September) we plan to continue to divide donations among organizations working with volunteers and engaging in community-based recovery efforts. We ask for your ongoing support.