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Think the Earth Fund: report on the collection and disbursement of funds

Phase 7 (1 August - 30 September)

Funds collected

During the period of 1 August - 30 September, the Fund received 162 donations totalling JPY17,390,199 (including the rollover from phase 6).
Since its initiation, the fund has received 2121 donations totalling JPY83,390,199.
Think the Earth has decided to round off the sum and donate a total of JPY83,500,000 to organizations providing assistance to the disaster-stricken area.
As of 30 September, the Fund will no longer be accepting donations. We thank all of those who have contributed for their thoughts and actions!


From the Phase 7 donations, 1.5 million yen will be disbursed to each of the following six organizations working at the frontline of the disaster-stricken area:

Ai Champruu
(Specified nonprofit organization) Japan Volunteer Center
Yumemi no Sato
Japan Car Sharing Association

Another 1 million yen will be disbursed to each of the following six organizations :

Ishinomaki Dissaster Recovery Assistance Council Inc.
(Specified nonprofit organization) Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi(Children without Border)
Yamanekoan(Society for Support of Environment &Animal)
Volunteer Info

And JPY500,000 to the following five organizations:

(Specified nonprofit organization)JKSK(The Society of Promoting Women's Education and Leadership)
Tasukeai Japan
(Specified nonprofit organization)Association for Aid and Relief, Japan
Link with Fukushima

While we are no longer calling for donations to the Think the Earth Fund, we are considering other ways to contribute to the rebuilding efforts. We ask for your ongoing support.