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             +Why we support
             +-------: CARE International Japan
             +-------: Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children (JCV)
             +-------: Save the Children Japan
             +-------: Shapla Neer
Why we support

Think the Earth Project made its start in February 2001. In April we launched "Think Daily," a medium through which people around the world exchange thoughts and ideas as they gaze at the Earth. We also officially began distributing our e-newsletter, reporting on a variety of news and events in accord with Think the Earth. During this time we have received mail from a large number of sympathetic NGO/NPOs, companies, and individuals and met with many both intentionally and/or accidentally at various events--Think the Earth is working as a medium for expanding connections. Having only just begun, we are truly excited to be able to announce the Project's new activities.

# Why NGOs working for the future of children?
# Building cooperative relations with other NPO/NGOs

Why NGOs working for the future of children?
Our train of thinking... What contribution theme is most in keeping with the TTE concept--working to give Earth a future--and the image of Earth that wn-1 represents--a world without national borders?
Earth originally had no national boundaries, the establishment of which has changed people's lives. Let's do something that brings people closer to a world that transcends national and racial distinctions, that no matter where people are born, they can live with hope for the future.
We especially want children living in areas of strife and natural disaster, child refugees, children in the most poverty stricken countries, and children being deprived of the right to live, to have that hope.
In children of developed nations, we also want to foster hope, dreams, the sense of wonder, awareness of the planet we live on and of people throughout the world.

Building cooperative relations with other NPO/NGOs
Making a financial contribution to selected NPO/NGOs is only the beginning--TTE wants to build a cooperative relationship with these organizations that includes helping to spread their information, reporting on project successes, and joining forces to think about future projects. We will begin by cooperating with organizations working to aid children in developing nations.
TTE staff visited a number of such NPOs to explain the intent behind our activities and find out more about theirs. From this we selected four organizations that sympathized with our objectives and expressed interest in building a relationship of mutual trust.
We will now introduce those organizations, and explain in what way TTE's contributions will be put to use. We will follow up with news of future activities on the Web and via our e-newsletter.
We hope to expand our relationships with NPO/NGOs specializing in children, the environment, education, and a variety of other fields. Please let us know what you think.