"What exactly are humans?" "Where did we come from?" The answers to these questions - questions that all of us have thought about at some time - have rapidly become clearer as a result of research carried out over the last few years. The key lay in our genes. The discipline of genetic anthropology, which involves tracing the dispersal of humans and human migration routes by analyzing DNA extracted from excavated human bones and the DNA of humans living today, has provided us with a new picture of humankind. In this edition of Earthrium, with the cooperation of Dr. Kenichi Shinoda of the National Museum of Nature and Science, we close in on the true nature of we humans as revealed in our genes.

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→ What is genetic anthropology?

→ The three phases of human migration

→ The first migration: the migration of hunter-gatherers

→ Agricultural migration: the migration of farmers

→We asked the experts! Dr. Kenichi Shinoda
National Museum of Nature and Science

Dr. Kenichi Shinoda

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