Think the Earth Project
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1 Project 001
wn-1 + ws-1
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wn-1 The first watch ever created featuring a rotating earth: wn-1 features the Northern Hemisphere, and ws-1 the Southern Hemisphere. Sense the leisurely flow of "Earth time." Also tells the time in different locations around the world.

Corporate partner: Seiko Instruments Inc.
2 Project 002
One Hundred Years of Idiocy
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One Hundred Years of Idiocy On Earth Day, 22 April 2002, we published a photo album presenting a powerful message, offering a catalyst for thinking about the Earth's future at the dawning of the 21st century. Among other awards, in 2003, the book received the 82nd New York ADC Silver Medal in graphic design. The original version has been exhibited around Japan.

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   Kinokuniya Company Ltd.
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   Ricoh Co., Ltd.
3 Project 003
Piggy Bank Internet Style
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Online Donation We are developing a concept for a system that allows online credit card donations from personal computers and mobile handsets. We hope this system will prove useful to NPOs/NGOs collecting membership fees and contributions, or soliciting emergency donations.
4 Project 004
PEACE BALL campaign 2002-2003
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PEACE BALL campaign 2002-2003 This project links corporations and NPOs and provides opportunities for international exchange via the soccer ball. The 2002-2003 campaign ended successfully, and if another opportunity rises, we would like to run the campaign again. Thank you all for your cooperation. Although the campaign has ended, our NGO partner continues to distribute soccer balls.

Corporate partner: Toyobo Co., Ltd.
NGO partner: Peaceboat
5 Project 005
GLOBAL CHANGE in ONE SECOND Anything from environmental issues to the wonders of the human body, to the mysteries of the universe, "Global Change in One Second" divides an ever-changing world into "one second" units of time. Sixty such items have been gathered in a single volume. Containing easy to understand text and user-friendly illustrations, this book offers enjoyment to adults and children alike.

Publisher: DIAMOND Inc.
6 Project 006
Denim Recycle Campaign (2003-2004)
Denim Recycle Campaign Based on a theme of "Walking the Earth in jeans!" the Denim Recycle Campaign used recycled paper made entirely from Levi's denim fabric to produce a line of stationery. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this stationery was donated to environmental NGO Earth Watch Japan. The campaign was run for the period of the 2003 financial year.

Corporate partner: Levi Strauss Japan K.K.
7 Project 007
Water Planet Campaign
Water Planet Campaign Taking as our theme "Your Life with Water," in this campaign Think the Earth proposed carrying our own reusable drink bottles and encouraged people to think more about our relationship with water by providing relevant information on the "cafe water planet" website, and at various events.

Event 1: April 18 - 19, 2004
Event 2: July 19 - August 31, 2004
Event 3: March 1 - 31, 2005
Event 4: August 1 - 31, 2005

Corporate partners: SIGG Switzerland AG; STAR CORP.; IZUMIYA Co., Ltd.
8 Project 008
- for the next generation
Music for LOHAS The Music for LOHAS project used music to offer lifestyle ideas for the next generation. Think the Earth supports the LOHAS project at the conceptual level, and is collaborating with it as a charity partner.

Corporate partner: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
9 Project 009
Using Your Wallet to Change the World
Using Your Wallet to Change the World Developed as a sequel to Project 005 "one second", "Using Your Wallet to Change the World" uses text, photographs and illustrations to present 50 real-life examples of NPOs/NGOs and businesses using money to help conserve the environment and solve problems in society. The book also features a collection of columns offering ideas for making best use of your money.

Publisher: DIAMOND Inc.
10 Project 010
ECOYOMI (Calendar Picture Book)
ECOYOMI (Calendar Picture Book) ECOYOMI is a calendar picture book that uses the ancient Chinese system of dividing the solar year into 24 "seasons" and 72 "sub-seasons" to help make us more aware of the subtle changes in our environment -- plants and animals, land and sky -- throughout the year. For convenience it also includes a Western calendar for 2005 - 2006.

Publisher: BRONZE Publishing Inc.
Corporate partner: TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD.
10 Project 011
live earth
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live earth If only we could feel closer to the Earth.... Now it's possible, with "live earth", a mobile phone application that allows you to enjoy the sun's constantly moving shadow, plus cloud images from a stationary weather satellite. Think the Earth is proud to present this sophisticated application, which also features a clock showing the time in 26 cities around the globe, plus a standby display function. The special mobile website delivers global climate information, as well as information on the latest happenings.

Corporate partners: KDDI CORPORATION; eTEN, INC.
10 Project 012
-What kind of planet is Earth?
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live earth Earthrium is an online project using interactive globes. It presents perspectives of Earth that we think we know, but may in fact elude us. We'd love to see Earthrium used in school lessons, so by all means... please be our guest!

Corporate partner: Horiba, Ltd.
10 Project 013
Climate Change +2 degrees Celsius
live earth This book simulates global warming from 1950 to 2100 in the form of a flipbook. As you flip through the book, you will get a vivid picture of how global warming has and will progress. It is expected that, if average temperatures rise by 2Ž, this will trigger dramatic climate change and there will be significant impact on our society. We are now standing at the crossroads where we must choose what future we will aspire towards.

Publisher: DIAMOND, Inc.
10 Project 014
aware wear collaboration
live earth This yoga wear incorporates the idea of reawakening the 5 senses, and regaining the sense of the natural rhythm and flux of time, such as the changes in the seasons, mankind intrinsically finds soothing. Apparel that will unite our bodies with the Earth through our 5 senses will be expressed under 5 themes, which are "air, wind, fire, water, and earth."

Partner: GOLDWIN Inc.
10 Project 015
Stories of Biodiversity
Stories of Biodiversity This 11 versed book introduces biodiversity from "multitudes of perspectives" ranging from scholars to a manga author, to artists. Every page is full of surprises that may be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is an inspiring and educating visual book with ingenuous twists incorporated in each page that significantly deepens interest in and understanding for biodiversity.

Publisher: DIAMOND, Inc.
10 Project 016
Kaminari (Lightening)* Think the Earth
Kaminari (Lightening)* Think the Earth These Kaminari (lightening) bags are very creative and unique. Each and every one of these bags is one of a kind as they are handmade from used rice bags and vinyl tape by people in gOIDEYO Househ an art space created for mentally disabled persons.
10 Project 017
Stories of Water
Stories of Water Water is such an all-too-common pres- ence, but it is an extremely unique substance in the universe. This visual book contains ideas that may come in handy in todayfs world where we face various water-related issues.

Publisher: DIAMOND, Inc.
10 Project 018
Think the Earth Paper
Stories of Water Think the Earth Paper is a newspaper-like free paper that is issued 2 times a year. The papers introduce a wide range of content that offer tips for thinking more about our environment, including quizzes and recommended books by the Think the Earth staff. Think the Earth Paper is distributed in stores and various other spaces in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other locations throughout Japan. Circulation: 10,000 ~ 15,000

10 Project 019
TABEMONOGATARI - 7 stories about our diet and environment
Stories of Water This book focuses on our "diet and the environment," and introduces how our "diet" affect the world using fun illustrations and photographs.

Publisher: DIAMOND, Inc.