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Live Earth is a significant milestone in expanding our daily awareness that our lives and all of Life are present in one eternal moment on one Living Earth. We see that all times exist simultaneously in the moment: sunrise, sunset, midnight, noon. Time is just a place of light and dark and does not come to us: rather we constantly rotate through and orbit around it in an endless and timeless procession, spiraling on and on through the ineffable velvety blackness of space.

Live Earth is a reminder of all of this. It is a good thing -- a very good thing. Enjoy it and take daily joy in it and your life and our Earth. And remember it is all we have and that it is an awful long way to the next watering hole.

Kevin W. Kelley  Editor, "The Home Planet"

If the Earth were the size of an egg, then its waters would be a drop; its air, condensed to the same density, a droplet 1/40th as big; its arable land, a not-quite-visible speck of dust. That drop, droplet, and speck are all that make the Earth different from the Moon. Let's preserve the distinction!

Amory B. Lovins  CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

"I'd like to hold the Earth in the palm of my hand." It's ten years now since I first heard Ueda-san speak of this wonderful concept.
And now at last "live earth" is complete, and we can have the Earth on our mobile phones.
Clouds in real-time, my location right now, the dividing line between day and night:
Watching the Earth, something switches on inside me.
I can sense my consciousness expanding, becoming global.
I can feel how a new mindset comes from new perspectives.
I look forward to seeing how "live earth" evolves over the next decade or two.
Perhaps this experiment is only one small step in the history of technology, but it could also be a step toward a dramatic change in human consciousness.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi  Game producer

Holding the earth in my hand and seeing where the sunlight shines along with the current cloud conditions is truly amazing. Looking at it reminds me of the preciousness of this beautiful planet and the miracle of life it has given us.

Bruce Osborn  Photographer

To you who is watching LIVE EARTH.
Whether we choose to live in our "small self" - or develop our "big self" all depends on the choices we make.
"Sustainability" means choosing to live as your "big self."
Feeling connected to other people all over the Earth - never thinking that living in the "now" and just "for myself" is satisfactory - that is expressing your "big self."
That is when you feel the joy of being a citizen of the world - an inhabitant of Spaceship Earth.

Peter D.Pedersen  Chief Executive, E-square

At a glance it seems a small, amusing sort of idea.
But this application has enormous potential.
Being able to sense the Earth breathing in the palm of one's hand is just amazing.
So what sort of mood will the planet be in tomorrow?

Motoharu Sano  Rock artist

How marvelous to have our precious, precious planet living and breathing in my own tiny hand.
Each of us with the Earth in our grip: wouldn't it be great if something good came of it?

Kotobuki Shiriagari  Manga artist

Earth is our Mother. She is our source, and the origin of all things we need for living. We must take care of her. The lesson we learn from Nature is that all living things are intimately connected. Individual actions affect the whole. In these days of great danger to Mother Earth, above all, we must learn to step lightly. We must learn quickly. Otherwise, our grandchildren will suffer the consequences of our neglect.

Paul Spong  Nature Network Project, Orca Researcher

What do you feel, what do you think when you see our planet on "live earth"?
I hope you think about and recognize the following:
I am the universe. Greater understanding of the universe brings me joy.
I am the Earth. I find peace in the eternal nature of the Earth's ecosystems.
I am you. This generation and the next generation sharing the miracle that is our planet Earth brings me joy.

Ryoichi Yamamoto   Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo