Think the Earth members highly recommend the following photography collections, books, videos, films, CDs, etc. The list will be updated regularly, please contribute!

Debra Frasier
In the time that the Earth makes one revolution, babies are born in all corners of the world. On the Day You Were Born is a picture book that illustrates how each of us is received not just by our family, but by the universe and its gentle ways. Each illustration and theme in the book (migrating animals, revolving Earth, etc.) is explained in simple, charming language that teaches children how nature works on our planet, and how Earth works in the universe.
Edited by Kevin W. Kelly

150 beautiful photographs of the Earth taken by U.S. and former-Soviet astronauts from their space vessels, with quotes from astronauts around the world who have gazed at Earth from outer space. American and Soviet astronauts cooperated in creating this book in 1988 while the Cold War still raged. Sold throughout the world, the extent to which it has influenced how many people is probably beyond calculation. This book ranks among the those that Think the Earth staff members most respect.
A documentary film directed and filmed by Ron Frick

Baraka means "sense of life" in ancient Sufi. A poetic account of the director's 14-month walking journey spanning 24 countries carrying 70-mm film. Composed entirely of imagery and music, without a single word of narration, the individual images and bold editing communicate a more poignant message than words can describe. A must see!
Uchu kara no kikan (Return from space)

Takashi Tachibana, one of Japan's great journalists, energetically interviewed and extensively researched astronauts after returning from space in an account that elucidates what they actually experienced and felt in space. An extraordinary exploration of the psychological realm of astronauts. (In Japanese)
Garasu no chikyu wo sukue
(Save the glass earth)

A record of the final remarks of Osamu Tezuka who passed away in 1989. The last chapter, entitled "Looking from Space," describes his sincere hopes for children of the future, who will soon live seeing Earth from space, to promote peace on Earth. (In Japanese)
Yume no choryu: St.Giga hensei soron
(Current of dreams: An introduction St. Giga programming)
YOKOI Hiroshi

St. Giga presented a variety of beautiful sounds and music on Earth in the epoch-making program called Tide Table based on the ebb and flow of the sea.
This book presents the unedited first "concept proposal" manuscript by the satellite radio station's producer, the late Hiroshi Yokoi, another person deeply influenced by the book "The Home Planet." We hope this out-of-print publication will be reprinted, just as we hope another music station like St. Giga will reappear. (In Japanese)

Directed by Jin Tatsumura
The first documentary film in director Jin Tatsumura's series, Gaia Symphony No. 1, contains the appearance of astronaut Russell Swaggart, who also made a significant contribution to the photo collection "The Home Planet." Since its first screening in 1990, the film has played a role in nationwide independent film activities; to date Symphonies No. 1 through 3 have drawn audiences totaling over 1.5 million people.
Virginia Lee Burton

A picture book by the author famous for "The Little House." The birth of the cosmos, Earth, life, and human beings--a grand time scale bound in a single volume picture. The final chapter is a drawing of an open window through which sense that the real world continues eternally in real time. Hats off to the composition of this book, which opens us up to boundless time and space.
Robin and Sally Hirst

Henry and Rosie, a young boy and his little sister, describe where their house is to a bus driver. That's the whole story, but their world extends from a bus stop in a small town, to Australia, the Southern Hemisphere, Earth, the Solar System... the universe expands with the turn of each page.
The fact that we live in a 15 billion light year expanse of space unfolds through humorous illustrations from a child's perspective. A marvelous picture book.

by Erich Kastner

A picture book published in 1949 about an international conference held by animals around the world to try to make people stop their foolish disputes, that has lost nothing in flavor. This shows us that fifty years later, the problems humankind is grappling remain the same. We humans best get our acts together before we anger the animal world.
(The German and English versions are difficult to find, if anyone knows of a source please let us know.)