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  wn-2: watch northern hemisphere - 2

A small globe under a glass dome, turning slowly,
making one revolution per 24 hours,
rotating counterclockwise around the North Pole.
Our view of the Earth from space.
"watch northern hemisphere" finally unveils its new look after six years since its debut in 2001.

*wn-2 white

Earth, the place where we live, is rotating slowly and ticking.
We wish to view the world from space like an astronaut.
We wish to feel closer to the living planet always.

Concept succeeded to the new model
"w" of the wn-2 has double meanings: "watch", to observe the Earth and "watch", a time piece.
We wish to create opportunities for people to think about the global issues such as global warming and relate to the Earth in their everyday lives.

From outer space, time is one. The wn-2 is the world time clock that indicates the time of anywhere on the northern hemisphere. It is also the "wearable Earth" that encourages you to apply planetary speed to your body and sense true human rhythm.