Think the Earthproject 012 Earthrium presented by HORIBA
Having fun with Earthrium
The main feature of Earthrium is a computer-generated, interactive globe that is incredibly simple to use.

The Earth spins on an angle of 23.5 degrees to the sun.
The Earthrium Earth is angled in the same way as a globe.

Click on the Earth to stop it spinning. Click on the outside of the Earth to restart.
Position the cursor near the area displaying the Earth, and triangles will appear to the right and left of it. Click on a triangle to make the Earth spin faster, in the desired direction.
Click on any of the figures (-90, +30, etc) to the left of the Earthrium globe to change the viewpoint in a latitudinal direction.

Some content also has buttons: clicking on these will change various things. Try clicking on the Earth 2 button on the screen to the left and see what happens...!

This is all you need to know for basic operations.

Use the Earth on the left to try out different features.


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