Think the Earthproject 012 Earthrium presented by HORIBA
01Global warming 02Cloud movement 03The Age of Discovery 04Earthquakes around the world 05 Forest
06 Hunger 07 Continent 08 Crater of the world 09 The power and the glory 10 Flyways
11 Solar eclipses 12 Ecological Footprints 13 Languages of the World 14 Energy Consumption 15 Human Migration
16 Antipersonnel landmines and cluster bombs 17 Unusual weather and climatic disasters 18 Biodiversity Hotspots 19 Earth time 20 Quelle
21 Radioactive waste 22 Sustainable Cities what's Earthrium
Earthrium is an interactive online globe program.
Gradually more Earths will be added: check them out!
ΟPart 22: Sustainable Cities
ΟWhat is Earthrium?
ΟHow to use Earthrium
Earthrium: What kind of planet is Earth?