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How much do we really know about this planet on which we live? Viewed from space, a very different picture of the Earth emerges.

How does global warming progress? What route did Columbus take on his travels? What did the Earth look like 3 billion years ago? In which countries is English spoken? What does an aurora look like from space? Where do migratory birds fly? Where are the Earth's craters? What were the great powers in the time of Alexander the Great? Where are the mountains over 6000m? Where did the tyrannosaurus live?

Earthrium answers all these questions and more, with a spin of the computer-generated globe. Even if you do know the answers, you're in for a whole new experience.

Earthrium was launched on the Web in April 2006 as a joint project of Horiba, Ltd. and the Think the Earth project. It's an attempt to use computer-generated globes to provide snapshots of the Earth from various angles, in which a new Earth will be added to the site every few months.

The name Earthrium is derived from words of a similar meaning such as planetarium and aquarium, and refers to a place for studying and observing the Earth. In due course we think it would be interesting to extend the Earthrium concept to teaching materials, museum displays, and perhaps a dedicated facility.

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Earthrium: What kind of planet is Earth?