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About live earth

Making the world more familiar....

The ever-shifting shadow of the Sun and cloud formations.
The city you're in and the countries you've been to.
Earth. Alive. Seen from outer space.
"live earth" is a revolutionary new mobile phone application
that lets you sense the Earth as it is, right now.

  • The shadow the Sun casts on the Earth changes with the time, from season to season.

  • Images of clouds covering the Earth reproduced using data received from a stationary weather satellite 36,000 km above the Earth are renewed four times a day... (Cloud images provided by the Japan Weather Association)

  • The angle, position and size of the 3D Earth can be set as you like. The application can be used as a standby display.

  • Includes a multifunction world clock with 26 cities around the globe to choose from.

  • A flat map version showing the Earth is available in addition to the 3D sphere. (Not available for certain models)

  • Japanese-English bilingual

  • "live earth" mobile website
    The "live earth" website delivers additional weather information such as updates on typhoons and hurricanes. In future, content from the Think the Earth Project's website, such as Earth News, a sub-application showing the phases of the Moon, and a service allowing users to download global climate-related images in addition to the clouds will be made available on this website.

  • The "au" website was launched in 2005.

  • Information fee: JPY 105/month
    A portion of the fee will go to finance Think the Earth Project activities to make a contribution to the future of society and the environment.

Currently only available on Japanese au mobiles.

live earth (for "au")
Supported by eTEN, INC.
Planned and produced by SPACEPORT INC.
Designed by AXIS Inc.
Application developed by KARHU Inc., YUMEMI Inc., Mighty Craft Co.