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"buycott," a portal site that introduces ways you can contribute to society by shopping, is now up and running!

2014.10.15 Kenji Okuyama


Nowadays, there are more fair trade products and products that donate part of the proceeds to good causes available, so consumers have greater options to choose from, but until recently, there were no websites that specialized in introducing these products. So some of you may have had difficulties trying to get information about what products to purchase and how these products contribute to society.

The web production company, Tact, realized that it was difficult for consumers to get their hands on information that they needed to make such socially responsible purchase decisions. So they launched a new website, "buycott," on September 18, 2014 where consumers can access information about products that contribute to society, where users can post their reviews about socially conscious products they've tested.

"buycott" is a word created to mean the opposite of boycott; it means to show your support by purchasing. "buycott" has successfully bridged the distance between consumers who want to contribute to society and companies that want to share their activities with a wider audience. By providing key information, this website is helping consumers make purchases that contribute to society.

Information is introduced in 10 categories like CAFE, FOOD, LIFE, and FASHION. Some of the products being introduced include "Chicken Ramen (instant noodles)" that help provide school lunches to children in developing countries and "Gogo No Kocha (bottled English tea)," which contributes to farming activities in tea growing regions.

We often make purchase decisions based on prices and convenience, but why not take a look on "buycott" and make choices based on other factors?

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