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vol. 73 2017.01.31 from Japan Enjoying music with the energy of the sun - Nakatsugawa THE SOLAR BUD...

Nakatsugawa City, located in southeastern Gifu Prefecture. Although the area seems serene surrounded by idyllic mountain ranges, this was where the legendary outdoor festival, "All Japan Folk Jamboree" was first held. And did you also know that there is an outdoor festival being held here that has celebrated its 4th anniversary? Last year, over 25,000 people took part in the "Nakatsugawa THE SOLAR BUDOKAN", which aims to source all of its energy from solar po

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vol. 72 2009.5.29 from Japan Discussing the idiocies of the 21st century - from 9.11 to 3.11 (Natsuki Ikezawa x Tetsuya Ozaki)

vol. 71 2009.5.29 from USA Portland rises from the ashes of economic recession. What are the secrets of this beloved futuristic city?

vol. 70 2009.5.29 from Japan Developing welfare design that defies conventional wisdom - SHOBU Gakuen

vol. 69 2009.5.29 from Thailand Creating a resilient society - BeGood Cafe's Challenge

vol. 68 2009.5.29 from USA Creating cars with the help of users across the globe - Local Motors