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from 29 vol. 29 2006.09.01 Nurturing the Forest, Nurturing People - Efforts of the "Furano Shizen Juku" (Furano Nature School)

Furano-city is found on Hokkaido, the largest island (and prefecture) located in northern Japan. And the "Furano Shizen Juku (Furano Nature School)" based at what used to be the Furano Prince Hotel Golf Course has been engaging in activities many have become fascinated with.
The Furano Prince Hotel Golf Course was a distinguished golf course renowned also for its designer, Arnold Palmer. And here at this former golf course the Furano Shizen Juku plans to plant 150,000 trees in the next 50 years on some 35 hectares of land amounting to 6 of the 18 holes, in order to return this maimed land to its original sylvan state.
Interactive environmental education courses are also being held here. The founder and acting principal of the "Furano Shizen Juku" is the esteemed scriptwriter Mr. So Kuramoto.
We went to Furano, which looks upon Tokachidake and Daisetsurenpou, in the early days of summer to talk to Mr. Kuramoto about the "Furano Shizen Juku," which just got up and running.



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