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After-service withdrawal -Earth watch wn-1/wn-1(limited edition)/ws-1/wn-2 blue/wn-2 silver

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After-service withdrawal
-Earth watch wn-1/wn-1(limited edition)/ws-1/wn-2 blue/wn-2 silver
6th July 2021

Dear valued Earth watch owners and retailers,

This notice serves as formal notification that Think the Earth /Seiko Instruments Inc., will be withdrawing the after-service for Earth watch series as of Monday 28th February 2022.

・Items: Earth watches wn-1/wn-1(limited edition) /ws-1/wn-2 blue/wn-2 silver
・End of after-service acceptance: Monday 28th February 2022
・Deadline for repairs arriving at Think the Earth Tokyo office: Tuesday 15th March 2022

From its first release in 2001 and the end of distribution in 2014 we have strived to continue offering our best after-services as possible. However, Earth watches’ uniquely made parts are low in stock. Our intent is to allow after-services while we are able to provide limited parts and withdraw receiving after-services from the given dates. However, we may be unable to accept servicing depending on stock of limited parts.

Should you wish to have your Earth watch serviced, please contact Think the Earth no later than 28th February 2022. All repair items must arrive at Think the Earth Tokyo office by 15th March 2022. Any items that arrive after this date will not be able to receive after-servicing.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the Earth watch owners and distributors for supporting the project for 20 years.

Please contact Inquiry for any enquiries.