What We Do

4 Types of Activities

1) Creating Projects
We have developed a wide range of innovative projects working together with NPOs, NGOs, companies, and creators. These projects include editing and producing publications, creating films, developing products, mobile phone applications, events and educational programs.

Examples of Activities
One Hundred Years of Idiocy
live earth
Digital Planetarium

2) PR, Raising Public Awareness, Educational Activities
In addition to our web magazine think, publications, and events, we organize training and workshops that help educate employees and classes at schools. We also work with newspapers, TV networks, and radios, and utilize social media in our activities.

Example of Activities
Think Daily

3) Research, Consultation, Lectures, etc.
We help conduct diverse forms of research, liaise with NPOs, NGOs, provide consultation with respect to CSR/CSV communication, and give lectures at various events.

4) NPO, NGO Support
We provide information about NPOs and NGOs working to provide frontline, emergency assistance to areas that have been afflicted by natural disasters. And for the Great East Japan Earthquake we set up the Think the Earth Fund, so that we will never forget and continue to offer assistance to NPOs and NGOs working in the afflicted region.

Example of Activities
Think the Earth Fund: Supporting NPOs/NGOs providing frontline assistance

List of Projects

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